Soaps On Hudson 
Soaps on hudson


"I treated myself to a White Tea & Bergamot (with Peonies!) and got the Natural Rose Soap as a gift for my aunt. It's the first soap I've had all to myself in 18 years and I absolutely love it. Intoxicating scent I could EAT plus a perfect lather for my sponge while I listen to psychedelia in the shower in this, my greatest year of life, so far, on Earth. It's the champagne of soaps and I'll be ordering more for future gifting to others and for my daily bathing rituals now that I feel happier and more connected to the cosmic web and to the labors of love handmade by artists/ craftswomen/ soap visionaries. Use as many pretty things as you can, life is meant to be enjoyed!"

-Kaya B. (Portland, OR)

"When I received my first shipment of soaps and scrubs from Soaps on Hudson, I opened the box to the most lovely fragrance! I've been since using the cucumber at my kitchen sink, the rose in the shower, and tobacco for the guy! They are all so beautifully crafted and the scents are wonderful. But the feel! They suds up beautifully and leave my skin feeling smooth and silky. I really think the quality of these soap is top notch. And the scrubs are the same. I personally love the sugar scrubs.  I am purchasing more and they are indeed on my gift lists for birthdays and the holidays!"

-Sharman R. (Tallahassee, FL)

"The soaps are AMAZING! WOW! The packaging is so cute, the soaps are beautiful and smell sooooo good. These soaps are truly amazing!"

-Carolina R. (Miami, FL)

I received three soaps from SoapsOnHudson. All three were amazing! They looked beautiful, lathered well, and smelled wonderful. I will be ordering from this business again!

-Lewis B. (Hamden, CT)