Soaps On Hudson 

About Soaps On Hudson

What we make and why we make it.

We are a small family run business based in an upstate New York village nestled on the Hudson River. As founder and maker at Soaps on Hudson, I bring passion, creativity and a deep rooted philosophy based on the importance of natural self-care to the soap-making table.

I began studying the art of cold-process soap making some years ago and found both the science and creativity that come together in this process to be a fascinating element of the work. Since then, I have tirelessly worked (still working) to bring wonderful and skin beneficial soaps and bath products to market. Using a background in the study of horticulture at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens adult studies program and my passion to be a maker led me here.

I continue to learn as I go and hope to bring you the best possible self-care products that will enrich your bathing experience with natural fragrance, textures and colors.


Soaps on Hudson