Plant Based Luxury

Soaps & Bath Products

All of our Soaps on Hudson cold process artisan made soaps & bath products aim to nurture mind, body, soul and skin with natural fragrance, textures and colors that will bring your bathing experience to the next level and hopefully help you to slow down and enjoy the moment.

            Goat's Milk soap collection

                                                                                      Full Size 4oz bars crafted with wholesome goat's milk

Vanilla oolong

A soft rich scent of vanilla with notes of sweet tobacco and black tea. This goat's milk soap is made with dried oolong tea leaves to gently exfoliate and revive tired skin.

Simply goats & oats

Keeping your ingredient list simple and wholesome doesn't mean you're skimping on luxury. This no-added fragrance soap is created with skin-loving natural oils, colloidal oats and moisturizing goat's milk. Great for sensitive skin.

Bergamot butter

The bright scent of natural bergamot essential oil is up front in this goat's milk blended soap. A flowery/citrusy light and crisp scent that's hard not to adore.

Chamomile cloud

Calming chamomile essential oils blend with pink clouds of french clay in the super lux goat's milk bar. Highly cleansing and moisturizing, perfect way to wind down from a hectic day.

Milk & Honey

Honeysuckle with notes of melon and sweet nectar, this goat's milk oat scrub with take your shower to a new level.


A strong scent of gardenia jog memory of these beautiful pure white flowers. Goat's milk brings a soft touch to the scent and swirls of natural spirulina green is a perfect gentle exfoliant.

 vegan soap collection

Full Size 4oz bars crafted with shea butter and various skin loving plant based oils

Morning lilac

Bright floral spring scent, bundles of fresh wild flowers and romance. Purple swirls and a wonderful fragrance make this super moisturizing bar perfect for the shower.

cedar Smoke & ember

A smooth, warm and spicy scent reminiscent of a cozy campfire, crisp winter night that is simply intoxicating. Swirls of activated charcoal and exfoliating alkanet root bring beauty to this bar.


If you could bottle that delicious earthy rain scent, patchouli essential oils would be your best bet. Fresh spring rain in a bath bar with french clay swirls and nourishing plant-based oils.

Mint + lime

Fresh mint sprigs and a squeeze of lime will come to mind when you get a whiff of this bar. A totally cleansing and refreshing clean that will leave skin soft and smooth.

Pink rose & sandalwood

It's all about romance with this essential oil blended bar, the soft lush scent of a blooming rose with earthy beachy notes in the background. Plant-based oils combine to bring much-need moisture and suds to your bath.

garden goddess

Fresh cut flowers and a refreshing cucumber splash bring Garden Goddess to the next level. Swirls of purples and green make this bar a gorgeous way to start your day.

Oh! Sweet pea

There is nothing like the soft bright scent of sweet pea to lift your spirits, with citrus and honey notes to compliment this gorgeous floral bar. Plant-based oils come together to bring you a very lather-rich cleanse.

black sand beach

The natural scent of rich cocoa butter combines beautifully with sandalwood essential oils and wholesome colloidal oats. This bar is both super moisturizing and gives you that gentle exfoliation your skin craves.

body butter collection

plant based, essential oil, all-over moisturizers

Bergamot butter

The bright scent of citrusy bergamot essential oils makes this body butter really pop. Infused with super moisturizing shea butter, it will leave your skin soft, supple and smooth.

blood orange with cocoa butter

What better pairing than cocoa butter and blood oranges? A scent to linger over with delicious hydrating cocoa butter. So many skin benefits in this butter.

chamomile + lavender calm balm

Pairing chamomile and lavender will definitely help to slow you down, chill you out and make your skin feel wonderful. This shea butter enhanced salve has it all.

lemon + ginger

Awaken your spirit with the sweet and spicy scent of lemon & ginger essential oils. Almond and olive oils combine to give your skin a protective hydrating boost.